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Wall Insulation

Insufficient wall insulation can greatly impact your home’s comfort and efficiency. In fact, properly insulated exterior walls could actually help you save on energy costs. Unfortunately, wall cavities are less accessible once a house is built, hidden behind drywall and exterior siding. It's more difficult to get insulation inside the wall, in the cavities between the studs. However, the VFD Insulation Specialists can help you improve your wall insulation with a noninvasive process.

How can we help?


Blown cellulose insulation is used to densley pack your wall cavities to improve R-value and your home’s energy performance. Cellulose insulation is a highly efficient option for insulating exterior walls and insulates as well, if not better than the average fiberglass batt. It helps to slow air flow through walls and its high density provides a better sound barrier than batt insulation. Cellulose has the ability to fill even the smallest areas because it is blown into small cavities as small particles. 


Without removing drywall, our team will instead access your wall cavities from the exterior of your home by removing shingles or siding. We then inject cellulose insulation into the wall cavities, densley packing to ensure all spaces are completely filled. After the process is complete, our specialists seal the holes making them airtight and replace the shingles or siding. We may also use a thermal imaging camera to make sure no cavities are missed. By densely packing the wall cavities, we enhance your home’s thermal resistance, reduce air leakage, and create a more comfortable home that is cheaper to heat and cool. 

Dense Packing a Wall from the Exterior 

If you’d like to enjoy more comfortable rooms and save money on your heating and cooling bills, contact the VFD Insulation Specialists today to get started!

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